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Electric cars becoming more common

Charging hybrids and fully electric cars are becoming more common. The goal of Finnish electrical traffic is to increase the number of electric cars to 250,000 electric cars by the year 2030. In Finland has been made several political decisions to get number of electric cars to increase. For example, from the near future, taxation on internal combustion engines and fuels will be tightened, while reducing the tax burden on electric cars. Concerns about the environment also motivate more people to move from internal combustion cars to electric cars, which are not polluting at all while driving.

The state also supports the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Finland through various financial supports:

Charging support is for companies seeking support for public download points. Depending on the charging speed of the charging points to be installed, the support covers 30-35% of the investment cost.

The grant applied from ARA is intended for housing company and covers 35% of the costs of constructing charging points for electric cars and needed modifications for the property’s electrical system. Design costs are also eligible for support. The maximum amount of support is 90,000€ and the qualification for the housing company is, that they build at least five charging points for electrical cars.

Our guidelines provide our customers with assistance in applying for support.

Designing begins by making a preliminary report for electric car charging

In many properties and housing companies, people talking and wondering, if it would be possible to obtain charging points and would it be possible to connect them to the current electricity network of the property. Instead of taking, wondering and prejudging too much, you should let us to help you by making a preliminary report for electric car charging, which is a very good tool to help you making decisions about electric car charging points.

In preliminary report we investigate, if the property’s current electrical network and electricity connection are strong enough for the electric car charging. If those are strong enough, we will also find out the maximum number of charging points. The determining factors for the adequacy of the electricity network are main fuse size of the electricity connection and cable strenghts of car heating cables (if the current car heating network is utilized for electric car charging).

Our preliminary report is based on the avalaible current electrical drawings and an on-site visit. With on-site visit, we will map out he most suitable solutions for electric car chargings.

the result of our work is a written report, in which we describe the suitability of the current electrical system of the property for charging electric cars. In our view, we also present the best solutions for the implementation of charging points for electric cars. Our report also includes cost estimates for different solutions.

From the preliminary report to actual implementation designing

If a positive decision is made about obtain charging points, based on preliminary report made before, we can also offer our customer the actual implementation designing for the electric car charging points. As a result of the design work, a high-quality and detailed electrical plan will be created. Well made electrical plan will be atached to the call for tenders, which will be sent to the contractors.

In the implementation designing phase, we choose along with the customer the most suitable charging station types for the customers needs. We design the locations of the charging stations, cabling routes, and maybe necessary strenghtenings to property’s electricity network.

We can provide electric car charging points as a turnkey service, which includes needed preliminary report, implementation designing, competitive tendering, construction contracting and work site supervising.

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