The purpose is to tell the owner of the property the current condition and repair needs of electrical and telecommunication systems

Condition assessments for electrical systems

The condition assessment for electrical systems is an expert assessment designed to map the current condition and repair needs for electrical and telecommunication systems of the property. It is a good tool for the property owner to know the current condition of the systems and their repair needs.

When we make the condition assessment, we investigate the current condition of every electrical and tele system of the property and we give an assessment about it. The condition assessment will be made by investigating existing electrical plans and making an on-site visit to the property. During the on-site visit we estimate the condition of the systems visually without breaking the structures. However, in the condition assessment report we give our recommendation to investigate systems further and accomplish some measurements, if needed.

What our condition assessment includes

Our condition assessment always includes a resident survey before the on-site visit, which helps us to focus our attention on the right things during the on-site visit. Based our observations during the on-site visit, we go through the every single electrical and tele systems in our assessment report. In our report, we clearly highlight the systems or devices, that require urgent repair. And If we detect something critical, an electrical safety risk for example, it will be reported separately, without delay.

Building management plan (finnish term is PTS-suunnitelma) will be included to our condition assessment always. In the building management plan, we will present maintenance projects with cost estimate and recommend timings for the next 10 years.

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