Electrical design with skill related to pipe renovation

Why to renew electricity in connection with renovation of water and sewer systems

Technical lifetime of electrical and telecommunication systems of the estate have been estimated to be generally around 30-50 years with their equipments, distribution boards and cablings. Systems are still working after that time in general, but not corresponding anymore to the much grown modern-day requirements, in which case the amount of electrical equipment used in homes is much higher and the requirements for data transmission speeds compared to construction date have grown significantly. In addition, aged systems, operational reliability will decrease and maintenance costs will increase significantly.
The most reasonable way in techno-economically reasons, is to renew the electrical and telecommunication systems in in the same time with the renovation of water and sewer systems, when the structures are opened for water and sewer pipes renewal. Transferring the renewal to a later stage will bring instant savings, but it is generally a more expensive solution, for example over a period of 20 years, because when the technical life time of the systems ends up, the structures need to be opened separately for the renewal of electrical and telecom cables, and it is far more expensive way.

Planmax as a electrical designer in pipe renovation project

We are a knowledgeable and flexible partner from the project design phase to the implementation phase. We know the characteristics of buildings of different decades and therefore we can take into account any problems that may occur in the planning phase. We listen carefully to the customer’s wishes, but we also strongly emphasize our vision as an expert. Through us and our partners, you can get designing work for the other engineering areas also, from the project planning phase up to implementation planning phase.

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