Electrical design

Full-service engineering office providing electrotechnical design, supervising and other expert services

Electrical design for all types of buildings

We make electrical design with a strong expertise, no matter what the building type is. Our company has experience in electrical design for all types of buildings. Our customer base consists of construction companies, housing companies, architectural offices, electrical contracting companies, real estate investment companies, public sector customers and private consumers. Customers who are satisfied with our electrical design services are always a matter of honour for us.

Customer orientation is the foundation of Planmax's operations

We design the most suitable electrification solutions for the customer according to the customer’s wishes and make suggestions to the customer to achieve the best result. As an expert, we tell the customer what it is possible to do. We make sure that the building’s electrical systems are good and user-friendly, and that they are good enough into the distant future too.

We will do what we have promised in the agreed schedule. We are not ”rigid and stiffened by our patterns”. Why do something when it is always done, if it can be done even better and maybe still saving costs. We are inclined to make rapid changes in projects, and each of our customers receives a high quality and unique service on the terms they want.

Well planned is half done

The old and perhaps a little worn out saying goes ’well-planned is half done’. However, we believe that the saying lies in a strong grain of truth, and this also applies to electrical design. Careful electrical design ensures the results you want. Contractors tendering can be done easily with well designed and high quality electrical plans. Well designed electrical plans effectively reduce the amount of costly additional work that may occur in a contract also.

Services for private person

We offer the following services:

Services for companies

We provide electrical and light designing services for all types of companies, as well as related project management, construction control and other consulting services. We offer our services for all types of buildings, both new buildings and renovation projects.

The buiding types we have worked with:
  • Office buildings and business premises
  • Shopping center and commercial buildings
  • Parking garage
  • Underground construction
  • Sports buildings
  • All types of residential buildings
  • Educational establishments
  • Retirement homes
Electrical design is carried out as a BIM design, if required.

Services for housing companies

We offer all the necessary electrical design, project management and other consulting services for housing projects. For example, we offer for needs of housing companies the following services:
  • Electrical plans for all possible improvement and repair of housing companies. For example, designing charging stations for electric cars or even electrical and telecommunication systems that are compeletly renewed in connection with pipe renovation
  • Project plans for repair projects
  • Condition assessment for electrical systems (building management plan included)
  • Project management and site supervision
you can read more about the services we offer here

Services for electrical contractors

We offer electrical contractors following services:
  • Drawings for electrical layout installations (blueprints)
  • Circuit diagrams for electrical switchboards
  • Final documentation
  • Electrical plans for ”design and build” contracts

Railway electrification engineering

We currently have two experienced professionals in railway electrification engineering. We offer our customers eg. following railway electrification services.
  • Electrical track design
  • Electrical designing for every target in track enviroment, such as railway yard lighting and gear heating
  • Various electrical design tasks at power supply stations