KNX, The world's leading intelligent building automation standard

KNX makes building become intelligent

KNX is an international, manufacturer-independent intelligent building automation standard that tunes up the building’s technical building systems, energy efficiency, comfortness and adaptability to a new level. KNX devices are manufactured by more than 300 device manufacturers, which all are compatible with each other.

KNX is suitable for controlling all types of buildings, from single-family houses to large airports.

KNX-system is operated through an easy-to-use interface. The user interface can be, a switch, a button, a KNX touch panel or even a mobile phone.

KNX automation can be used to control or measure /or it is possible to integrate following systems to KNX:

Planning progress

KNX planning is always started by holding a design start meeting with the customer. At the meeting, we will always tell the customer about the diverse control possibilities offered by KNX, and we will map the customer’s own wishes regarding KNX design and KNX-controlled building systems. At the meeting, the systems to be included in the KNX control will be decided upon in cooperation with the customer, and we will proceed to take the KNX design forward. If necessary, the content of the plan will be refined as the planning progresses.

Benefits of KNX

KNX is a manufacturer-independent building automation standard. Fully compatible KNX devices are manufactured by more than 300 device manufacturers. KNX brings with it the following benefits:

Why choose us as a KNX designer

Thanks to our extensive and versatile experience, we know the KNX and related equipment thoroughly.

Our customer receives an electrical plan covering all areas of KNX from us. With our high-quality and detailed KNX electrical plan, it is easy for our customers to do contractors tendering. We also have good contacts with contractors.

If necessary, we will also provide lighting plans for the building. Customer gets AV-system plans as well as ETS-programming and commissioning of the KNX system through us also.

We are a design office certified by KNX Association and a member of KNX Finland. When a customer joins us as a KNX designer in his project, he can be sure that he will receive a first-class KNX expert for his project. We will tell you about the many different possibilities of the KNX system, and we are looking for solutions that are best suited to the individual needs of the customer and which are included in the implementation planning.

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