Well-implemented lighting has a significant impact on the usability, comfort and ambience of the space

Professional in lighting design

Well-executed lighting has a significant impact on the usability, comfortness and atmosphere of the rooms. Therefore lighting design should be done by a professional, who knows the lighting field well.

The purpose of different rooms is the most important factor in lighting. The lighting shall be suitable for the space and shall be of sufficient intensity. The interior, color and height of the room must also be taken into account in lighting solutions.

In our lighting design, we take into account the individual factors of each room and building, consider the use of different spaces and design the lighting that suits best each room. In lighting design, we also take into account lighting regulations and standards, and of course the customer’s individual needs and wishes.

Lighting control

With carefully designed lighting control, significant energy savings can be achieved, as well it extends the life and service interval of the luminaires. In addition, today’s advanced lighting control technologies significantly improve the usability of lighting, add comfort to the rooms, and enhance the sense of security. For example, hallway lighting is nowadays often dimmed by daylight and controlled by presence detectors, bringing huge energy savings and comfortness.

The amount of daylight entering the room varies a lot during the year and day, so adjustability of the lighting is also important. We take account that in our plans always.

The best software and tools in the field

We have the best calculating and visualization software in the light designing field. If desired, we create a lighting plan in three-dimensional form, 3D. In 3D-lighting design, the building is modeled with rooms and courtyards completely three-dimensionally using Dialux Evo computer software. 3D lighting design ensures good and functional lighting that meets all customer requirements. When lighting plan is made in 3D, it is possible to know at the design phase already, how the illumination looks like in the finished building.


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