”To make things work and done as agreed”

Project management for electrification projects

Project management tasks for electrification projects are also part of our service portfolio. As a project manager, we act as a guardian of interest for the customer in the project. We are also responsible for managing the project to the technical and qualitative goals set by the customer, within the limits of the budget and schedule set.

We provide construction services from the project preparation and pre-exploration phase to reception and end of warranty period.

Before the design phase, we set goals for the design with the customer, and we are looking for the best designers for the project. At the design stage, we guide design work so that the goals set by the customer are followed in design. We make sure that as a result of the design work, the customer receives high-quality electrical plans with all the content that has been agreed.

At the end of the design phase and after the completion of the electrical plans, it is time to find a contractor, ie a contractor. We make a call for tenders, which is sent to electrical contractors. When we have received the tenders, we choose the best contractor for the job with the customer.

Site supevision for electrical installation work

Our service range also covers the control of electrical installation work. As the supervisor of electrical installation work, our most important task is to ensure that electrical work is carried out in accordance with plans, contracts and the interests of our customers. We also monitor that installations are carried out in accordance with applicable laws and installation standards. If there are unexpected changes in the project, we will respond to these without delay. If the change requires a change in plans, we make sure that the plans will me made available to the site as soon as possible. As a supervisor of electrical installation work, we also make sure that all electrical work required for the construction phase is done in a timely manner, and nothing is left out of the work phase, which is no longer possible to do later.

Adept and professional supervision is very important for the successful result of electrical installation work. By hiring us as a supervisor for your project, the customer can be assured that all electrical installations will be made in high quality, in accordance with applicable laws and electrical installation standards, and the end final result of the installation work will be the one paid for.

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