Professional services for housing companies confidently and reliably

Electrical design, project management, construction and other consultancy services

We provide all necessary electrical design, project management, construction and other consulting services for housing companies’ needs. We can also serve our customers on a turnkey basis.
  • In the first phase, we prepare a preliminary study/report (for example charging points for electric cars)
  • We will make an electrical plan based on the preliminary report and customer's wishes and needs
  • After the design work is done, the project will move on to the contractors tendering phase
  • After receiving the contract tenders, we will choose in cooperation with the customer, the best tender taking in consideration the price and quality factors
  • We organize a contract negotiation and create a contract form
  • During the construction site, we work as A site safety coordinator and installation supervisor, we organize site meetings and act as chairman of the meeting at the client's request. As an installation supervisor, we monitor that the contractor complies with the electricity plan, that all installations are made in high quality and in accordance with the applicable installation regulations and standards and with good installation practice
  • Upon completion of the installation work, we will arrange a acceptance inspection to check that the quality of installations matches the agreed and there are no shortages. We will make sure that the verification inspection will be made also, if needed
  • Finally, we make sure that the contractor delivers the final documentation with the inspection protocols, and the documentation corresponds to actual electrical installations

Housing company plans

We will make electrical plans for all possible improvements and repair projects for housing companies: For example, we have experience with the following projects:
  • Electrical project design related to pipe renovation
  • Pipe renovation for electrical project design
  • Electrical design for stairwell renovation projects
  • Electrical design relating to space accessibility projects
  • Various changes in the intended use of the premises, eg a sauna with a low occupancy rate of a housing company will be renovated as a dwelling or even electrical design related to the construction of an attic apartment
  • Electrical design for projects that improve the level of outdoor lighting
  • Preliminary studies/reports for electric car charging points
  • Charging points for electric cars (implementation plan)
If the electrical design related to your project has already been done? You’ll get from us a site supervision